Constructing Rabbit Hutches

Every rabbit needs a comfortable place to live; creating the perfect living space is, however, a bit of a headache which has led many rabbit owners to opt the use of poorly structured rabbit hutches. They fail to consider simple requirements like how big the hutch should be, the best materials to use, and whether to build it indoors or outdoors. Many owners want the best hutches for their rabbits, but they don’t know how to get them.

It is imperative to remember that the rabbit will spend most of its life in the hutch that you make for it. Structure the hutch in such a way that it meets all the needs of the rabbit and make it feel like a natural habitat. A uncomfortable hutch can cause health problems such as obesity, muscle wastage, and spine deformities.

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Best Tips for Constructing Rabbit Hutches

You will be needed to be a little bit more careful when constructing a hutch. Don’t subject your rabbit to a plywood box with unhealthy conditions.

If you intend to build a hutch on your own; here are some requirements to consider;

1. An easy to clean flooring fit with vinyl or lino
2. Enclosed sleeping area: To provide an undisturbed resting place and hide out
3. A raised hutch: It will prevent the damp from rising to the hutch
4. Weatherproof roof: An overhang Eve to the front and back will protect against severe weather
5. Weld mesh: It should contain small spacing to allow fresh air and to allow the rabbit get a view of the surroundings
6. Sturdy construction: Use thick ply or groove and tongue to keep the hutch strong.

Adequate space

A hutch should have sufficient space for your rabbit to move about comfortably; it should also contain a comfortable enclosed area that will act as the sleeping ground for your rabbit; the enclosed area will also act as a secure hide in place against predators.

The hutch size

With rabbits, the bigger, the better. Rabbits need enough space to move around. The minimum standards should be 6 x 2 x 2. Larger breeds of rabbits will, however, require a larger hutch size. A rabbit additionally requires some regular exercises per day, attaching a hutch to a larger space is appropriate.


You will need more than just a twisting wood to lock the door. Predators such as fox can easily open up the hutch by pressing against the wood; a padlock should be used as a lock to prevent predators and children from opening up it unsupervised.

You should additionally secure up the mesh sections of the hutch, use the U-shaped nails to ensure that the mesh is well fastened. Use a mesh with small diameters to prevent cats from putting their claws inside.

As a rabbit owner, remember that it’s your duty to ensure that your rabbit has a comfortable living space. A good rabbit hutch is all about giving the rabbit the room to behave like a one. If a rabbit lacks enough space to exercise, then it does not exhibit the normal behavior which results in physical and mental health problems.

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